Mallorca never loses its charm

For decades Mallorca has been one of the top European summer holiday destinations. The biggest of the Balearics offers miles of azure coastlines, stunning nature, adventurous scenery, and golden sands deliciously soft underfoot. Even after all this time, Mallorca still comes up trumps during the summer, blessing its visitors with all kinds of treasures. Here are some of the reasons why you should visit this beautiful Spanish island.

  1. Beautiful from January to December

Mallorca is amazing all year round and for the majority of the year experiences beautiful weather. Temperatures average about 10 degrees during the winter, with almonds blooming in February. It didn’t take long before going back to 20s for most of the year!

  1. Golden sand, sea of ​​sapphire

You might suspect that the beaches on Mallorca are one of the biggest attractions for tourists, but did you know that it has 200 large beaches across the island, with 60 major resorts to choose from? Fly to Palma with Irish Airports like

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  1. The city is full of life

Palma De Mallorca is located on the south coast and is home to around half of those who live on the island. It is glamourous, sophisticated, vibrant and bursting with culture. Many compare it to Barcelona because of its architecture and atmosphere, with restaurants, shops and nightlife.

  1. A paradise for nature lovers

Even if you like the buzz of city life, it might not be long before your feet itch for some adventure. In this case, head out to the Serra de Tramuntana. This mountain range boasts being a World Heritage Site and important cultural landscape, with amazing views and awe-inspiring scenery, it’s ideal for hiking and biking. Good to explore by car, bicycle or on foot.

  1. Are we there yet?

If you want the best of both worlds, amazingly, this island is only 120 km long, which means you can enjoy the beaches and mountains on the same day!

  1. Good escape

You can take the train to Soller, one of the island’s oldest cities since 1912. This beautiful harbour surrounded by nature is perfect for biking and hiking, but even just to appreciate the well-maintained beaches and marinas, with restaurants and shops, surrounded by amazing mountains.

  1. Taste of Spain

The island has a famous culinary experience, with restaurants scattered throughout the city. There is even a place in Deia called Sa Foradada which is only accessible by boat or mountain climbing, where traditional Mallorcan chefs bake fresh seafood on an open fire.

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  1. Feel the Deep Blue

With all the beaches on Mallorca, there are plenty of opportunities to experience all that the Mediterranean has to offer, with a wealth of sailing, snorkelling and diving adventures to sign up for.

  1. A secret paradise

You’ll discover an archipelago, 17 km from the southern tip of Mallorca. It is part of a marine national park, pristine and uninhabited. Cabrera is the largest isle of the collection and as nobody lives there, the wildlife and nature of these islands have developed, providing a brilliant marine ecosystem, among other natural beauties. From Mallorca, you can arrange boat trips to visit these islands, allowing you to swim in beautiful blue. The organized boat trips allow you to swim in dark blue caves and for divers and snorkellers in particular, these islands are full of adventure and wonder.

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