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5 tips to decorate your house for the first time

Tips to decorate your house for the first time.It is very difficult when you face your totally empty house, without furniture, without anything. A thousand doubts arise: What style? How do I choose the colors? Why do room I start? All together? Little by little?For those who already have their house ready, do not stop reading it because it is always good to know a tip that allows us to make our house more and more comfortable and beautiful.

Where to start?tips to decorate

When you consider decorating your house for the first time it is a good tips to decorate and start with the living room It is the most important place in the house – where you spend more time – the place where you enjoy resting for a while and where you meet your family and friends.The essential furniture cannot miss the sofa. Then the auxiliary furniture, textiles, accessories, etc. will arrive.

How to choose the furniture?

To decorate the house for the first time it is necessary to go little by little. Do not buy things that later you do not know how to fit, nor how to make them work together in a space that seemed bigger than it really is.My advice is to live the house for a while before buying the furniture. Obvious that it is not comfortable, but I assure you that you are going to save money and the result will be much better.Once you have more idea of how your house is and you have inhabited it for a little while, but the most important furniture and always with the meter at hand. Then you will add pieces little by little, but without filling yourself with things. I distributed the furniture well and left enough space between them. It is a tips to decorate your house for the first time.Continue Reading-6 rules you should follow to order your kitchen

Functionality or aesthetics?

Always the functionality first. And here I have to do a self-criticism. I’m very buying for aesthetics and husband hates me doing that! And he’s right, the important thing is to feel comfortable because that makes our lives easier. If we shoot with a sofa but we do not feel comfortable, then we keep looking until we find the functionality and aesthetics in equal parts.It is a tips to decorate your house for the first time.

How to choose the colors?tips to decorate

Neutral, bright and clear colors: for walls. You will never go wrong. If you want to give a more trendy effect, paint one of the walls of the room in a darker color, but only one.The strong color for the accessories, much easier to replace if you get bored.Another thing, the warm tones are better in the living room, the entrance and the living room. For the bedrooms, the quieter and more relaxing colors are better.It is a tip to decorate your house for the first time.It is a tips to decorate your house for the first time.


This point is very important! You have to give a lot of light to both natural and artificial light.The natural, you have to enhance it. Never cover the windows with curtains of heavy goods. It seems obvious, but I tell you that it is more usual than you think.If you have nice windows and a full view, do not close the curtains. Another thing that also seems obvious, but how many people do it.You May Like This “”