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Google Launches ‘Google Web Designer’, a tool for creating ads in HTML5

Google has just released a free application to easily design ads in HTML5 under the name Google Web Designer . For the Mountain View this programming language is undoubtedly his favorite, and this functionality is intended to generalize and facilitate their use by extending even to the less learned in the field.

TWeb Designhe great advantage that Google attributes to HTML5 is its ability to create content that works well on all platforms and Internet access devices; whether it be the traditional computer, such as a tablet or smartphone. One feature that the big G wants to apply to all mobile ads, thanks to Google Web Designer, although its use is not restricted solely to advertising, but has provided more improvements. In principle, with this tool, both advertisers and agencies can easily create your campaigns in HTML5, and even apply directly to the AdMob and DoubleClick platforms.

This is a big boost to improve the quality of online advertising. Google DoubleClick The report shows that 88% of marketers think that the use of HTML5 is positive to boost digital advertising sector, given its flexibility to adapt to any medium. 67% commitment to the creation of specific campaigns for mobile users, a sector will increase by 41% next year.

Another differential values ​​of HTML5 is the ability to create interactive experiences. The study indicates that interactive, such as video content or expandable elements generate a higher rate of response from the public. 46% of respondents indicated that this programming language enhances the quality of the creations, while 44% admit that enhances interactions.

This is not the only initiative of Google in order to generalize the use of HTML5, the company has also created several video tutorials on using the tool, which are available on YouTube as well as a guide for beginners. Should clarify that Google Web Designer is in beta so it is open to all suggestions and comments from users.

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