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These are three of the most exotic and expensive fish in the world

Many times you have found yourself in the position of having to choose between two succulent meat or fish dishes in an à la carte restaurant. It is a difficult choice if you do not go with a fixed idea, but if they propose one of these fish that we are going to talk about next, we ask you, please, do not hesitate for a second.

The sea gives life to animals that are truly amazing. Much of them are unknown to humans and a delight for the palate if they can be eaten, of course. The most innovative restaurants seek to distinguish themselves with exclusive foods that complete their menus and attract the most select customers. Those who would pay a fortune for a specific product.

One of these amazing fish is the totoaba or white croakerexpensive fish

In recent years, it has gained weight in gastronomy. The totoaba fish has positioned itself as the most expensive in the world. A product that in China is sold at a price of gold and that is an endangered species. Its capture, sometimes, is practically impossible.

It comes from the waters of the northern Gulf of California, Mexico, and is a protected marine species that can measure up to two meters long. What makes the totoaba fish, also known as white croaker, special is the incredible properties that give it the nickname ‘diamond of the sea’.

The part that is used for the preparation of culinary dishes is the swim bladder of the fish, with which the animal floats and not its meat. According to Chinese citizens, who discovered it in the 1920s, this part of the animal cooked in Seen Kow soup has aphrodisiac and medicinal properties.

These include improved circulation, lower blood cholesterol, greater sexual potency, skin rejuvenation, relief of pregnancy pain, improvement of joint pain, and longer life expectancy for its consumer.

The white croaker, according to the criteria of the most knowledgeable, tastes better the older it is and represents a symbol of wealth and power among the Chinese elite. That is why they sell it even lined in gold fabric. To display it more than to eat it, all is said.

Unfortunately, the illicit trade in totoaba fish threatens to end sooner rather than later with the species that does not go below 3,000 dollars per kilo.

The pufferfish is also on the list of goldfishexpensive fish

Fugu or blowfish sashimi is considered an exclusive delicacy in Japan. The risk it has when ingested and the little knowledge that only some authorized chefs have to cook it, make it one of the most expensive fish.

This adorable looking fish is the most toxic fish in the world and also the deadliest. Its toxicity is comparable to that of poisons such as cyanide or strychnine and very few are the brave who dare to take a bite.

The regulations for cooking pufferfish are extremely strict since a bad cut would mean the immediate death of the consumer. To learn how to cook it, three years of study are required that end with a practical exam and theoretical tests in which, in addition, the same students who prepare it to have to try it.

Despite the fact that it is a product whose consumption is prohibited in many countries, such as Spain, in Japan it is a traditional dish that is very present in large celebrations and there are even places exclusively dedicated to serving it and stores specialized in its commercialization.

To cook it, the most important thing is to extract the liver and ovaries of the fish, while the skin is removed in specific areas so that it does not contaminate the remaining meat. A paltry tasting menu can cost 90 euros per person.

Bluefin tunaexpensive fish

Almadraba tuna is a delight from the Atlantic-Mediterranean waters. Its price reaches a great value depending on the area in which it is consumed and its cooking techniques. It is one of the favorite fresh products of the masters of gastronomy.

There are multiple varieties and it is a much more common species than those mentioned above, but there is one in particular that stood out above the rest in terms of value.

We are talking about the bluefin tuna that was auctioned a little over a year ago at the Toyusu market in Tokyo to make sushi. A specimen that was captured off the coast of Aomori and that has broken all records set so far.

A giant fish of 278 kilograms with which the owner of the popular restaurant chain Sushi Zanmai was made for 2.7 million euros so that his customers could enjoy it at the usual price of the house, the highest bid he has made in one of the traditional tenders that he leads annually.

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