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The 5 best coffees in Turin

The 5 best coffees in Turin. Perhaps Turin is not synonymous with coffee (the drink) but it is certainly synonymous with coffee (the local). From the second half of the eighteenth century, with the spreading of this exotic taste throughout Europe. And the whole social and convivial way of enjoying it. The capital of Savoy was one of the Italian cities that with more enthusiasm gave itself to the opening of cafes. That they became a meeting place for a cultured and modern bourgeoisie, and that largely survive to this day.  Mulassano, coffee San Carlo, Baratti and Milan, Turin coffee, Platti … a series of names that could go on for a long time. In a continuum that extends from the cafeteria to pastry and high-level gastronomy.

1.The historian: Fioriobest coffees

Founded in 1780, it is one of the oldest. A meeting point of the nobility in the period of restoration, then of Cavour.  And other protagonists of the Risorgimento, finally of anti-fascists in the 20s. Today it is renowned above all for the gelato, another pride of Turin, and for the hot chocolate in winter. It is one of the best coffees in Turin.

2.The unmissable: Al Bicerinbest coffees

Founded in 1763, then this would be the oldest still operating coffee. He started as a retailer but soon began to offer the novelty of the time: coffee. But it has become famous, and an essential stop, precisely for the bicerin: a rich and elaborate drink in which chocolate and milk cream are added to the coffee. The characteristic glass, the wedding favor setting and the placement in the square in front of the Consolata church complete the suggestion. It is one of the best coffees in Turin. Continue Reading-The 7 golden rules for healthy eating in 2018

3.The hidden: Barolino Cocchibest coffees

In a crooked alley, one of the few in the orthogonal Turin, inside the Roman quadrilateral, if you can find it there is the Barolino. It will not be a hundred-year-old but it is in an absurd place: a narrow octagonal room with very high ceilings, which seems and probably is the private chapel inside a noble palace. Coffee, cappuccino and “Moroccan”, excellent brioche and dried pasta, sandwiches and toasts prepared on the spot. And warm welcome. Often crowded, but mostly from Turin, that their secrets keep them tight. It is one of the best coffees in Turin.

4.The hipster: Bearbest coffees

This is instead famous, wins awards and collects consents. The area is that of San Salvario, the new center of the Savoy nightlife. Enter and immediately see a huge map of the world, highlighting all the cru of coffee origin, strictly monorogine. And explained in detail: refined aromas, best appreciated without sugar. But the research and the wisdom of Giulio, the manager, do not stop here. Proposed at least 7 or 8 different methods of extraction, from the Neapolitan to the last cry of the “cold brew”, the extract slowly cold. And a series of “custom” touches, such as the ability to buy a cup and always find it there, make the place risk-free. It is one of the best coffees in Turin.

5.The Neapolitan:Pastarellbest coffees

For a couple of years, under the arcades in a corner of the loser of the square in front of the old station of Porta Susa.  Has opened a bakery that already declares its offer: all the classics of the Neapolitan tradition, which for quality (and size) nothing to envy to the “down” patisseries. And then go to sfogliatelle, curly and frolle, babà and zeppole with a hundred different fillings. And then ricotta and pears, lemon delights, amarena biscuit, and under Easter the pastiera. That said, it is not born as a key element of the offer. But it is very remarkable the coffee: very small, just a sip, and a strong roasting. Just like in a bar in Naples. It is one of the best coffees in Turin.

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