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5 great fish for grilling

A few days ago I returned from the fish market in the neighborhood with several color cards. Each told the story and grace of a particular fish and gave delicious recipes on how to prepare them. Among them, I chose the five great fish for grilling. Here are these five big fish, with their various names-so nobody gets confused-and with recipes to offer friends a great barbecue with a sea flavor.

1. Chilean sea bassfish for grilling

(also called Patagonian toothfish, black hake or deep-sea cod)

This fish, which can live up to 50 years if it does not fall into the hands of fishermen, has a white meat, soft and surprisingly tasty. So tasty – and it also keeps the juices very well – that it is recommended to eat it without marinating it before and hopefully only putting pinches of salt and pepper on the meat, which crumbles into large and firm leaves when it is cooked. This fish, which is mainly taken from the coasts of southern Chile and South Africa, is usually sold in steaks on thinner steaks. It is one of the great fish for grilling.

For the grill:

Calculate between 1/3 of a pound or 1/2 pound (that is, between 170 and 250 grams) per person. With a brush cover the fish with olive oil. Put salt and pepper. Grill on the grill for four to five minutes per side. That easy.

2. Spanish mackerelfish for grilling

(also called Spanish mackerel or Sierra del Golfo)

This small predator is tasty, cheap and is left to cook in any way possible, grilled, boiled, smoked, baked, and so on. Despite so much virtue, for a long time, it has been despised for having too strong a smell and an equally powerful taste and for being very oily. But the truth is that this fish-sold whole, filleted or steaks-smells a lot of seas (any other smell could indicate that it is not fresh) and has a very low level of cholesterol and a very high level of beneficial Omega 3. It is one of the great fish for grilling.

Its soft and firm flesh is very moist, tasty and almost sweet, which makes it very good when cooked with acid flavors such as tomato or lemon. Keep reading- The 10 best foods for a healthy heart

For the grill:

Make 4 steaks of this fish and eight slices of a good bacon. Wrap each steak with two pieces of bacon. Put the Mackerel on the grill-it should be with low or medium heat, that the hand holds more than five seconds the heat-with the skin towards the fire. Make sure the grill is not too close to the fire. Turn the fish frequently until the bacon is crispy and the fish meat has become opaque, that is, cooked. This should take between 10 and 15 minutes. Remove from the grill and enjoy.

3. Sardinesfish for grilling

The fresh sardines are a delight when done on the grill, in addition to being very healthy. Its meat, delicate texture, endures well the rigor of a good roast-thanks to the skin that remains crispy and full of flavor-and its strong and rich flavor flourishes when cooked over coals or charcoal. Try them, it is a totally different experience to eat ones in a can. A good way to prepare them on the grill is by following a French recipe that calls to marinate and serve the sardines in a tomato and fennel sauce.

4. Arctic Charfish for grilling

(also called salvelino, alpine trout or Atlantic trout)

This fish, whose flesh can range from pale pink to deep red, has a flavor halfway between salmon and trout and a firm and dense texture. It lives in cold, oxygenated waters and like salmon, it spends part of its life in salt water and then goes to fresh water, to spawn. The capers are very good with this fish. And even better if combined with olives and butter, as in this recipe. It is one of the great fish for grilling.

5. Rainbow troutfish for grilling

It has a lot of fat and a lot of Omega 3. This fish, a relative of salmon, is tender in texture and crumbles in leaves. Almost always sold whole, without thorns. It opens to the butterfly and all the bones are removed, leaving it ready to cook. Its delicate flavor makes it an ideal candidate to go on the grill with a good sauce of butter and herbs. It is one of the great fish for grilling.

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