Elasticity Of Your Skin

How To Recover The Elasticity Of Your Skin

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Do you notice your skin drier, more sensitive and when you pinch it takes to recover its natural shape? If the answer is affirmative, it is most likely losing elasticity. Then we reveal the causes and how to recover it.

Why does our skin lose elasticity?

Over the years, our skin becomes more vulnerable and demanding. In addition, the different metabolic processes slow down due to the decrease in hormonal production causing our body to synthesize less collagen and the existing one degenerates. This generates an aging of the skin with loss of elasticity, smoothness, and firmness.

Collagen is a protein synthesized by fibroblasts, cells of connective tissue. It is responsible for firming the skin, so it is essential to maintain its elasticity.

Check if your skin has lost elasticity

Do you want to know if your skin has lost elasticity? Get the pinch test. Pinch your arm, your hand and your thighs for a few seconds and release gently.

If the skin regains its state immediately, it means that it is well hydrated and you have enough collagen. If, on the contrary, the skin takes a few seconds to return to its state, it is a sign that it has already lost collagen and has a lack of hydration.

Activated charcoal for skin elasticity

Mask components:

  • Activated charcoal – 3 tablets;
  • Honey – 1 teaspoon;
  • Cosmetic clay – 2 teaspoons.


  • Mix the activated charcoal powder with cosmetic clay to make a creamy consistency.
  • Stir honey into the mass, preheated in a water bath.

Before applying the mask, it is necessary to clean and steam the skin and it’s recommended to check reviews http://360beautynyc.com . It is best to steam it on a herbal decoction. After that, apply a thin layer of the prepared product to your face. Pay special attention to problem areas – the skin around the eyes, nasolabial triangle, and forehead. The mask should be kept for 30-40 minutes, after which it should be washed off with warm water. If after washing off the mask you feel the tightness of the skin, then apply a light nourishing cream on it. This product saturates the skin with vitamins, deeply cleans it, and also gives elasticity and elasticity. This is a good way to keep the skin tone.

Masks made of activated charcoal are easy to prepare, affordable and very effective. Therefore, these recipes are so popular among those who care about their skin and try to always look perfect. Make sure you are effective in masks with activated charcoal! Keep reading http://www.360beautynyc.com/guide-care-problem-skin-home/

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