A New Alternative to  Large Plumbing Excavations

Drain lining is an easy, effective solution to pipe and drain damage. Many homeowners have been opting to utilize this method over more traditional pipe repair methods as there are so many benefits. This type of maintenance work for your drains and sewer lines can help to prevent leaks that could lead to costly repairs down the road. It also prevents the need for frequent sewer pipeline replacements that will ultimately save you money and time. You should always consult with a professional company such as Wilkinson Environmental before attempting any type of maintenance work for your pipes and drains, as they are trained and experienced in doing this type of work.

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The drain lining process consists of placing a flexible film down the line or within the pipe within an enlarged diameter. This film will help prevent soil from settling into the pipe and creating problems later on. If you do not have a flexible liner, you will still be able to protect the line from having “slipped” onto the ground which could lead to your sewer or drain backing up into another area that requires more excavation. In order to have a successful Drain Lining job it is imperative to have a large enough pipe within the larger diameter that is intended to be lined.

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There are two types of drain lining processes, tips and trenches. Lining is extremely popular as it is much easier to install than trenchless pipe repair. Trenchless technology was introduced a few years ago and is now becoming extremely popular among plumbers, but is more difficult to learn. If you are looking to have your pipes repaired without hiring a professional, you should always consult with a professional before making any decision.


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