The worst weapons of World war two?

Through history there is conflict. Battles and wars are one by people and ingenuity for the most part however there has to be something said for the use of weapon’s technology. The Ancient Greek Hoplites for example soon had the measure of the opposition as they started to utilise the metal Bronze in their armour. The tank in World War one certainly had a huge impact shortening the conflict considerably and the practical Hurricane plane was the victor in the Battle of Britain along with the Spitfire. However, what were the worst weapons that soldiers were asked to use?

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The Allies entry into this category has to be the sticky bomb. This was a metal grenade that was coated in a substance close to the Metal bonding adhesive you get from CT1.  The idea was simply run up to the tank on it’s blindside, pull out the pin of the bomb, stick it to the tank’s side then run away and wait for it to go bang (they had a generous five seconds). The only issue was how the person using the bomb unstuck themselves from it so they could do the running away and wait for it to go bang part. It was deeply unpopular and was soon discontinued.

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The Russians entry is the Dog bomb. Simply put dogs were trained to associate the underside of a tank with food. A mine was then strapped to the dogs and they were released onto the battlefield. Unfortunately they associated the Russian tanks with food and forced an entire division to retreat.

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